Pride Walk The Hague


On Saturday the 10th of june 2017, The Hague had her first Pride Walk. Hundreds of people walked through the center of the city with mayor Pauline Krikke up front. With this Walk, sexual and gender diversity was celebrated and participants showed that everyone in The Hague should be able to be themselves.

Behind the amazing swarming brass band The Legendaries followed a remarkably diverse crowd. From young till old, from people that where born in The Hague till LHBT refugees who came from all over the world, from gay till transgender and a-sexual, everyone seemed to be represented. Under the radiation of the burning sun, a 25 meter long rainbow flag was held up through the streets. The audience looked excited, a few people  decided to join spontaneously.
The parade was escorted by the police including agents of Pink in Blue. Organizations like Orpheus, the National Network Bisexuality and the Vobis Foundation (formerly Hindustani) were visible. The Swedish Embassy was also represented.

Before the Pride Walk started, we all gathered at the International Homomonument. There was a stage for a number of speakers, including Arnout van Kooij, chairman of COC Haaglanden. Initiator Bianca van Guine told us how she was inspired by the Rotterdam Pride. She said she was walking against exclusion and intolerance. Also, Van Guine said that she was walking for all those people who (still) could not visibly be themselves. Mayor Krikke underlined that the city of The Hague is of and for everyone. Then Krikke walked a large part of the route with a big smile on her face.
The Walk ended on De Grote Markt, the location of the second The Hague Rainbow Festival.

With the Pride Walk, the LHBTQI community wants to increase the acceptance of sexual and gender diversity in society. LHBTQI stands for Lesbian Women, Homosexual Men, Bisexuals people, Transgender people, Queers and Inter sexual people.

The Pride Walk The Hague is organized by the youth organization The Hang-Out 070 (part of the Rainbow Den Haag Foundation), in collaboration with COC Haaglanden and other LHBTQI organizations. including The Hague Rainbow Festival.

This first Walk was so successful, that people are already talking about a second edition. With this walk, The Hague has become more beautiful then before.